writer, designer, grandmother.

I am in the business of telling people how to rearrange their stuff. Decades of being a Mom and a degree in Interior Design from the University of Texas have trained me well for such pursuits.

I’m also a Certified Gold Member of the Interior Redecorators Network®  and a Maria Killam Certified True Color Expert.™

I provide residential redesign services using what you already own, layered with carefully considered purchases, to produce a finished space that shows your history, feels warm and human, and calls forth your inner Dorothy.

‘Cause really Toto…there’s no place like home.

You can call me a design mixologist. One part classic, one part timeless, a dash of Swedish Death Cleaning with a garnish of fresh twist. If you want a wine suggestion or a signature cocktail, I’m your girl.

And I mix metaphors like it’s my job. 

When I’m not rearranging stuff, I like to write about unfortunate wallpaper choices, rutabagas, chickens, that sort of thing. Pretty much whatever I want to write about. I also like to pretend that I can cook and I like to take pictures of everything.

Like, everything. Not only what I just cooked.


Unless otherwise noted, all photography on this site is the work of the jeri cerutti